Welcome to the #1 Real Estate Investment Meet Up Group in Calgary with over 2000 Investors.

Who are we?

Yes, Calgary Real Estate Wealth is Calgary’s leading property investment group, developed for investors by investors, BUT we are not your average, normal property investment company (in case you haven’t noticed!).

We were founded by two passionate property investors Azad Chandler and Tim Desautels, who set out with the specific goal of helping others achieve their financial independence through property investment. Choosing to surround themselves with ambitious people of a similar property investment mindset, today our awesome team includes successful property investors, accountants, solicitors, finance providers and property managers.

How do we know they are passionate? Well, most of them are clients of Calgary Real Estate Wealth’s already.

What do we do?

No matter what your dreams, Calgary Real Estate Wealth is here to show you how property investment is the ideal way to get you there. We created the Calgary Real Estate Wealth’s group of companies to provide every service an investor needs to start, grow and successfully maintain a profitable property investment portfolio from start to finish.

We promise no nonsense, no hidden fees, no ‘hype’ and no quick fixes – only honest, transparent and straightforward advice. We promise 100% commitment to our clients’ goals, but in return we don’t allow just anyone to be a client of ours – we want go-getters, fire-in-the-belly type investors who will do the work needed to achieve their goals. There is no space for time wasters at Calgary Real Estate Wealth.

Our strategy for purchasing properties has remained the same since we began in 2006. We purchase existing properties:

1. Below market value

2. With capital growth potential and

3. Are positively geared

How do we know our approach works? Simply because we’ve tried and tested it for over 20 years again and again with huge success.

How are we different?

Calgary Real Estate Wealth does things differently. Why? Here’s a summary:

• Every client-facing member of our team walks the talk. This means we are all passionate about investing and the few who don’t have successful portfolios are already well into planning their futures around them!

• We are ourselves. We don’t hide behind suits, ties, fancy offices or corporate speak. What you see is what you get – no up sell, no lies, just a genuine passion for property investment success. On that note…

• We actually, truly give a dam about our clients. Yes, while others may say they are on your side, we actually prove it and live it – day-in and day-out. Just ask some of our clients.

• We are selective about our clients. We work with clients of a similarly ambitious mindset who wish to achieve success through property investment. After all, you are who you hang out with and we don’t have time for ‘hopefuls’ and time wasters.


To create the most property millionaires in Calgary, so more people can live the life they deserve!


Our purpose is to help Canadian’s become financially free through property investing so they are able to get out of the rat race. We do this:

• By leading with ongoing education & support for all of our clients.

• Through our passion for property investing. We are property investors ourselves and understand the journey our clients are on.

• Through our passion in seeing our clients become financially free, therefore our focus is on generating measurable results.

• Through the creation of the biggest community of successful property investors in Calgary, so we can learn from each other’s experiences and motivate each other to reach for the stars.

Most importantly, we do all this by having fun, staying humble and by keeping it real in our real estate investment approach.

Mentorship that you can trust helping you live the life you deserve!


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