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Financial Freedom can be achieved through successful property investments. Azad & Tim have identified and hand picked material that is needed to move you forward on the path for success. Their investment plan is something they wished they had when they started property investing.

Above and beyond buying and selling  regular real estate, our services include our Mentorship Program, Seminar Series, Landlord Assistance Program, Investment Analyzer Program and our Custom Investment Plans. These services will help you navigate through the confusing and complex property world and help you decide when and where to buy and sell, guide you through the process of a sophisticated property investment and assist you in securing the most appropriate property for your needs.Having an experienced property mentor is not only advisable in order for you to reach financial freedom through property investment, it is absolutely imperative.

Our coaching and follow up provides support for the life of your investment .

We all know that we should be investing for our future but we don’t.

 The #1 reason why we don’t is the fear of loosing money.
Our clients overcome this with our Support, Guidance & Education that is provided by the Calgary Real Estate Wealth Team.

Our Free Mentorship Program For Clients Of Calgary Real Estate Wealth Includes

Learning how to start off on the right foot and how to set yourself up for success.

Understanding the economic drivers for Calgary and it’s property cycles.

Our step by step guide on how to succeed, have fun

and get wealthy with real estate investing.

Monthly  educational & training seminars with guest speakers.

Custom investment plans tailored to your specific needs.

One on one coaching.

Great ongoing advice and support in person, over the phone or by email.

What You Will Learn:

Getting Started with Investment Real Estate

Calgary Real Estate Investment Forums 7 Steps To Creating Wealth

Why invest in real estate? How good of an investment vehicle is it?

Why do you want to invest in real estate? And what are your goals? This is the key to your success.

Understand the difference between investing in the stock market and investing in real estate.

Understand how real estate works; security, control, leverage, positive cash flow, and ROI from 3 sources.

How you can build a great foundation for success with the right investment plan?

Understand property cycles and when is the perfect time to buy.

Figure out what type of investment property meets your needs.

Raising Capital

Determine how much capital you will need to start your new business as a real estate investor.

Creative Finance to grow your business.

How to build a professional prospectus for presenting your business opportunities to potential partners.

How to attract capital partners and structure the partnership

We showcase real life stories of our strategies and systems to help you reach a Win / Win scenario every time.

Joint Ventures

Buying multiple properties using Joint Venture Partnerships.

How to Structure a Joint Venture.

Choosing the right JV partner.

Understand the many different types of Joint Ventures.

Who takes on what role in the Joint Venture?

The agreement and what’s in it. How are you and your partner protected?

Joint Venture Contracts.

Acquisition, Management and Exit Checklists.

Choosing the Right Investment Property

What areas are best to invest in? How to run the numbers and not speculate.

What to look out for when buying a rental property.

How to find the right cash flowing properties.

How to find the right flip property, for maximum profit.

Renovation budgets, how much should you spend on a property and how much will it be worth?

Understanding property red flags and helping you stay clear of money pits.

Performance analysis on flips and long term holds.

Don’t like the sound of becoming a Landlord? Utilize our successful Move – Up system or purchase pre-construction.

Updated community statistics on rental rates and property values, keeping you in the know of your Cash Flow & Equity Position.

Updated info on new infrastructure, new developments and spill over suburbs.

Becoming a Successful Landlord

Marketing solutions to get your property rented fast.

Screening and our Choosing Tenants Guide


Rental application and lease forms, reference follow up questions,

Signing the lease and move in inspection forms.

Seasonal maintenance checklist.

A breakdown on understanding the Tenancy Act.

A list of reliable trades that will get the job done when needed.

Holding Corporations and Accounting

When to form a holding corporation.

What expenses can you write off with your investment property?

Finance tracking forms allowing you to track your net worth.

Property calculator that will help you know how long it will take for you to reach your goals?

Monthly Market Reports on Your Investment Property.

Keeping Your Assets Protected

In’s and out’s with insurance.

How to protect your valuable assets.

How much insurance is enough?

Will and estate planning.

Peace of mind investing.

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