CHANDLER/DESAUTELS REAL ESTATE has been helping Calgarian’s buy real estate since 2006. 

Calgary Real Estate Wealth Premium Buying Service

We treat every purchase regardless if its your own home or rental property as if its the biggest investment you will ever make.
Our service provides strategic advice to anyone looking to purchase a property. Finding the right property can be very challenging, but our team can assist you in making the process of purchasing a property a smooth one.



Every property that we list is accomplished with the same belief: that the real estate process for luxury homes is more than just a transaction. That above all, your experience with us be as luxurious as our homes.

We are in this business because we love what we do. Likewise, each member of the Calgary Real Estate Wealth Team is just like you; we share an interest in fine living. So let’s connect, explore and experience luxury together.

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