The Calgary Real Estate Investment Forum is an on-going education and training service provided to all potential & past clients. The Education is taught in a class setting or one on one    consultations depending on your specific needs coupled with your potential for investment and borrowing capacity.


Our seminars are broken up into two types, the first being our Intro Class – Why Invest in Real Estate Seminar.


This seminar is held monthly and is tailored to beginner or experienced investors wanting to learn how the Calgary Real Estate Investment Form can help you create wealth with real estate. It is a great intro or refresher into the world of investing. It’s also a great opportunity to invite potential joint venture partners or anyone you know interested in becoming wealthy with investing in real estate.


Our Seminar Series has been designed for the investor that wants to move forward and grow their business with the Calgary Real Estate Wealth Team. We ask new clients to simply be transparent with their agenda and that they plan on using the Calgary Real Estate Wealth Team as their representation when purchasing real estate. We host guest speakers such as lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers etc. We have handpicked material that only contains relevant content, proven and tested by the hundreds of families that have created wealth from real estate right here in Calgary.


You can tap into more than 20 years of real estate industry expertise as we have personally bought and sold a multitude of properties, making many mistakes along the way. Our Seminar Series allows you to benefit from our experience so that you avoid the potential pitfalls of property ownership and investment.


We are located in the East Village at our Remax iRealty Office 518 9th AVE SW.
We have ample free parking and can hold up to 75 attendees.
Doors open at 6:30pm and Azad and Tim are always available for Q & A after each seminar.

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